• What is the value-added of Daedalus Aerospace principles to aerospace development?

    Daedalus Aerospace courses provide best practices, lessons learned, and professional strategies for flight test. Our course content is closely aligned with and based on the flight test methods used by the US Air Force, US Navy, NASA, FAA Aircraft Certification, and many other professional flight test operations. These proven best practices improve safety, data security, effectiveness, and efficiency.

  • How much can Daedalus Aerospace principles save my team?

    Although it's not possible to prove the "accident that never occurred", analysis of recent aerospace programs shows that product teams and businesses using professional flight test methods are over twice as likely to result in a successful product, and deliver their product to users in one third the time, compared to competing product teams.

  • Should anyone think about flight test before there is a finished product to test?

    Absolutely. Flight test adds value long before there is a prototype vehicle, since it incorporates system engineering and risk management principles that prevent redesign, rework, and regret. Reinventing wheels takes a lot of time. Adding the flight test perspective makes aerospace development more efficient with a better track record for success.

  • Who teaches Daedalus Aerospace courses?

    Daedalus Aerospace courses are taught by career flight test professionals, including graduates and former on-staff instructors from the US Air Force Test Pilot School.