How fast can you make that aircraft climb?

Learn the analysis methods to set world records, while also making your flight operation more efficient

The F-15 "Streak Eagle" set 8 time to climb records in 1975 by using the flight test analysis taught in this course.Aircraft acceleration and climb rates are all about specific excess power, but excess power is not a constant throughout the flight envelope. If you know how your aircraft design is optimized, you can get better performance. The same aircraft can be flown on the same route, but by using different climb profiles the enroute time and fuel burn could be very different.

Minimizing time to climb and the ability to efficiently accelerate clearly have both civil air carrier as well as tactical military advantages. These factors are the result of the aircraft's total performance, both in terms of the propulsion system and also its total aerodynamic efficiency. 

US Naval Test Pilot School - Flight Test Manual 108 - Fixed Wing PerformanceSo how can designers and flight test engineers measure  aircraft performance across the entire envelope? The Naval Test Pilot School's Flight Test Manual 108 describes the mathematical theory governing these principles. This course demonstrates how to gather quality data using the level acceleration flight test technique, then thoroughly explains the governing equations, followed by step by step application of the equations to analyze representative flight test data collected in a high fidelity simulator.

This course gives aircraft designers, flight test engineers, and aerodynamic students the understanding and analysis tools to generate plots of Specific Energy Power for any fixed wing aircraft.

The course is designed around a complementary open-source code repository on GitHub, plus free access to the Daedalus Aerospace community for flight test data analytics professionals. Collaborate on your code and data challenges with our world-wide community!

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  • GitHub Repository for Code/Test Data

    Get free access to our Python code and associated test data at:

  • Real-World Flight Test Techniques

    Flight test techniques as taught by the world's leading Test Pilot Schools, with theory and equations explained from the US Naval Test Pilot School Fixed Wing Flight Test Manual

  • Line-by-Line Python Code Tutorial

    Learn Python with immediate practical use in aerospace applications. We explain how to use libraries such as SciPy, ADRPy, and more!

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Learn Python-Based Flight Test Data Analytics and Visualization

  • Community for Flight Test Data Analytics

    The Flight Test Data Analytics online community is free to students enrolled in any Flight Test Data Analytics course. Please introduce yourself, ask questions and offer ideas! The learning goes beyond course content into direct applicability for your current challenges.

  • Github Repositories are Good

    Use our open-source modules to build your own applications with straightforward tutorials and examples of real flight test data.

  • Flight test problems require flight test solutions

    You could learn Python other ways... but this course is taught by professional flight testers, for professional flight testers - for contemporary flight test use cases.